'Could've/should've/would've + been' tenses in Polish?

Is it possible to say 'could’ve/shoudl’ve/would’ve in Polish? And what about even more complex tenses like ‘could’ve been/should’ve been/would’ve been’ etc?

I have actually seen somewhere that ‘could have’ is mógłbym, but I wanted to make sure this is correct or not.

For example if I want to say:

I could’ve spoken Polish today - mógłbym mówię po polsku dzisiaj (not sure if this is correct)
I should’ve spoken Polish
I would’ve spoken Polish
I could’ve been speaking Polish
I should’ve been speaking Polish
I would’ve been speaking Polish

So how do we express these tenses in Polish?


I included two versions in the translations below: the first one would be used if a man was speaking and the second one would be used if a woman was speaking.

I could’ve spoken Polish today: Mogłem/Mogłam mówić dziś po polsku.
‘Mógłbym/Mogłabym’, which you used, would be used if you were speaking in the present tense.

I should’ve spoken Polish:
Powinienem był/Powinnam była mówić po polsku. - If you want to express a regret.
Miałem/Miałam mówić dziś po polsku. - This would be used if you wanted to express past obligation.

I would’ve spoken Polish: Mówiłbym/Mówiłabym po polsku.

There is no distinction between ‘could have’ and ‘could have been’ etc. in Polish. You would use the same forms as above.

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