Could you tell me what it means?

I am considering subscribing for an overseas magazine but I do not understand what this means: Sales tax will be charged where applicable. Could you tell me what does ‘where applicable’ mean?

In some provinces in Canada, and states in the US, there is a Provincial or presumably state sales tax. I think in Europe they have the VAT tax. I do not think you have a sales tax in Japan so sales tax does not apply to sales to Japan. It is not applicable, does not apply.

there are some countries that imposes sales tax for every sales made ( it depends on the government) if the country did not imposes sales tax then you are free of tax, no additional amount to be added for tax, but, if your country imposes sales tax then you will be charged accordingly. tax amount also varies, it depends on your government law.

i wish my explanation is clear to you.

Thank you very much. :slight_smile: