Could you please explain how “Holiday offer” works?

Currently I use per month Premium plan. I received email with proposal “Save 20 % on annual…” and I was interested to change my plan to the annual one with 20% saving. I tried to set “Yearly payment amount: $109” radio baton and enter the code I received by email in the “Coupon Code” text box but it looks like it does not work because I was notified that my account “will be charged $109” (I thought it should be $96 = 120*20%)
Could you please help me to understand what I should change in settings of my Account to apply this discount?

Hi! It looks like you managed to successfully apply the coupon to your account. All membership changes take place at the end of your current paid period, so you can go to the Account page and switch to the annual membership. Your account will then be switched over, and the coupon which is now active on your account will automatically be applied when your card is charged. Should you have any additional questions about this be sure to let us know!

Hi Alex

As someone with an annual Premium, is there a way for me to immediately apply the ‘holiday offer’ to my account or would I have to downgrade to Free for a minute in order to re-upgrade to a -20% Premium. I understand that a downgrade followed by an upgrade like this causes no changes to the account data. Is that right?

ps: The holiday offer was a good chance to get my mom on LingQ and it remains to be seen if I manage to annoy my cousin into signing up as well. Unfortunately most other great apes of the genus homo I’m encountering in places such as universities, even if showing interest in being able to howl in another language, don’t seem to be evolved enough yet to understand the lingQ method :wink:

Hi Alex,
I changed back my current plan to Monthly ($10) because I thought the coupon was not applied. The message “will be charged $109” was shown and I was surprised that price $109 is not the price with 20% discount. I expected that the price is going to be $96.
So I have two questions now:

  1. Can I change my plan again to annual with 20% coupon applied?
  2. How can I be sure that the price is going to be $96 if I am notified that it is $109?

Not to worry - it looks like you’re already on a recurring annual subscription, so I just went in and activated the coupon code for your subscription. The coupon code will now be applied automatically when your subscription renews :slight_smile:

Hehe, even if they don’t take advantage of the holiday offer, new members can try the site out for a month and, if they don’t like it, can just send us an email to get a full refund of their first month’s payment. In the meantime, we’re continuing to work hard to improve the new user experience to hopefully explain LingQ better and get more users to understand the benefits of the system. We’re hoping good things for 2015 :slight_smile:

Sorry for the confusion here! The notice that appears on the Account page doesn’t take into account any coupons that may be active on your account. We’re looking at getting this fixed, but in the meantime I can confirm that the coupon has successfully been activated on your account. All you’ll need to do now is go back in and switch your account to the annual option. When your subscription renews, the 20% discount will automatically be applied and you’ll be charged $87.20 (80% of $109).

If any of this is still unclear just send us an email and we’ll be happy to further clarify things!

Thank you Alex. Everything is clear now and it is pleasant news that % is applying to $109 (not to $120 = 12*$10). I have changed my plan back to annual again. And I hope everything will be fine when my subscription renews.

I checked again and can confirm that everything looks good :slight_smile: If you notice any issues when your membership renews next week let us know!