Could you please check the sentence whether it is gramatically and in terms of cohesion correct or not?

As soon as something bad happens you have such a personality that you immediately leave all bonds which we have in our friendship.

Strictly speaking, the sentence may be slightly problematic.

To be perfectly logical I think it should be “You have such a personality that as soon as something bad happens you immediately leave…”.

But in conversation, I feel it is just fine the way it is, as it will be understood.

The original sentence in a way sounds even better to me than the more logical one.
Maybe it’s because the original one has a better form in that the “that…” sub-clause is shorter than in the other one. Long running sub-clauses tend to hinder quick grasp of the meaning.

That is my little thought, and I’d love to hear other opinions.

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i see. it sometimes might sound funny but it is ok if it can be understood by you as a native speaker. i am trying to clear grammatical structures and reviewing some sentences that i have written before. Thank you very much for your care!