Could you Improve Audio Speed Choices on iOS? (or/and Anywhere Else?)

As an example, I add a couple of screenshots from Audible that are amazing.

People have asked Audible to improve it a few years ago and they have step by step improved and found a really nice perfect solution.

When we click on the audio speed, another window is opened, and we can select to a 0.05x precision.

That would be wonderful for language learning, so that we can tweak to our preferred speed and save a lot of time. Jumping from one speed to another from those available is not always so easy. Plus, speed choices are not even the same across devices.


Thanks for your suggestion. We’ll see what we can do.


Hey @zoran,

I just noticed that if I press and hold the “rabbit” icon on LingQ Android app that this comes up:

Is this new?

For the last month or so I kept trying to hit the turtle button to slow the TTS/speech down, but it wouldn’t slow down.

Has this been a feature since then?

I just happened upon it today when I pressed and held the icon by accident.

I’m assuming iOS users can use this feature, too?

yes, this is a feature available on iOS, same as the webapp but not with all the same speed options.

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Thanks! I had no idea. So they have less speed options in sentence mode on the iPhone?

I was able to check my iPad and it looks like it has all the same options as Android:

iPad and iPhone are the same, it is the same iOS app.
On the webapp there’s no 1.1x and 0.66x is 0.6x.

If they would implement the Audible style would be very useful. Jumping from 1x to 1.25x or 1.5x is not a joke on difficult languages, there is no smooth progression to train gradually.


That’s a very good point! Thanks for taking the time to reply!

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