Could you implement a warning of points' expiration? A new request

I’m raising this issue again.
I think it would be much fairer if the points expiration system applied only to inactive members, but well… it seems there’s no will to change that. However, even if I want to keep track of my points, I don’t seem to be able to do it, considering I have points coming in and going out all the time. I’m completely lost, so I never know when points are about to expire.
The system knows exactly when points are about to expire, because they are removed from our accounts.

So, can you please implement a warning of points’ expiration or can anyone teach me how to control my points?


To see which points are going to expire soon is simple: Look at your current balance. Start from the top of the points list, and start adding the incoming points. Once you reach you balance by adding your incoming points, you look at the date of that last incoming points item. If that date is almost 3 months old, you know that the part of those points which you needed to get the exact balance, will be expiring soon. If that date is say only 2 months old, you know you still have one month left to write your Dutch text!
I hope it is clear. May be I should do this as en exercise and write it in Portuguese!

YES, Silvia, that is a good idea! The problem is, if I only got incoming points, it would be easier, but I also have points removed because of exchange requests, which I think alters things.

No, the outgoing points do not change anything. You look at your CURRENT balance. From that you already have the outgoing points removed, so you can forget about them in the calculations. I am in the same situation as you, and always do this same calculation as I explained. Kimojima explained the same thing!
Good luck!

This seems like a pretty reasonable request.


Thanks, Silvia! :slight_smile:

I am collecting points from referrals and others in order to pay for 6months with points. It’s crazy keeping track of the points. If you can track point expiration so you can remove the points, why not issue a warning in advance (a week or so) so we can actually do something with the points…
My 2 points

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That would indeed be a great feature! A new year’s present from the Lingq staff!
Alex, Mark, are you there?

As all expired points go back into the pool of points which is shared between contributors of lessons “LingQ” may be reluctant to diminish that source of bounty by alerting us; in the interest of “the common weal”?

Hi Sanne! I’m also a contributor and I receive points from that pool too, but I still want to be informed of the date points expire. Besides, I never noticed any increase in the number of points I receive when some of my points expire.

I know you are! And I am sure our individual expired points don’t amount to much, it’s the whole sum that might add a point or two to our accounts :))

(I was thinking about possible reasons LingQ might have to not implement this request…)

I’m afraid they keep them secret!

I can only refer back to this thread where Steve and Mark explain reasoning behind the points expiration system:

In the meantime, if you’re worried about your points expiring you can transfer them back and forth to a dummy account every two months or so if you are waiting to earn enough points to cash them out. This will reset the validity of the points, so from the time you transfer them back you will have another 90 days.

That’s a great hint, thanks, Alex!

I read some threads about this and there’s a post from adalbertolito that I find very useful:

I’ve just replied to his post so it is easier to find it.
He has a formula in a spreadsheet: Sample LingQ Points Accounting Spreadsheet - Google Sheets