Could you help me to understand this sentence?

We’re in a world, our very own
Sharing a love that only few have ever known

What does exactly the meaning of “a love that only few have known” ?

Does this mean they are immature or inexpereienced?

Wow, I totally understood the meaning. It is very convincing! Thanks, twhite79!

Help me ,too, please. It is the piece of story of Jerome K. Jerome:

-I wish you would tell me of these things a little earlier.
-I did tell you-told you last week…
Which different between these two expressions? I thought earlier that “I did tell you” don’t use at all . The order of words is wrong. I beg pardon for my own English. I have been learn English only two months and it probabli is broken.

“i told you” is a plain statement.

“i did tell you” emphasizes the fact.

you can use “i did…” to emphasize the fact of something actually happening in the past- placing stress on “did” in speech, with the following word in present tense.

i dont use this word"did"…would you please help me.please explain me for this word"did".

Ken - A love that is so powerful, so intense, so amazing that only a few have known it to exist. Ie - most people will not find this type of love that is as intense and so they are in a world of their very own.

Annush - So the second line that you wrote is not written as a proper sentence. It is a dialouge or 2 people speaking to each other. “I did tell you” is said as a slight frustration, the - would be replaced with the words " in fact I" and then told you last week.

First sentence - Person is a bit annoyed because they were told late of something that was important “I wish you would tell me of these things a little earlier”

Warda - Did is a past tense form of the VERB to do.
Present tense - I’m doing,
Future Tense - I’m going to do
Conditional Tense - I might do
Past Tense - I did

It’s used with other verbs. So you could say I did write on the computer. I did walk to work today. I did take a taxi today.