Could you help correct these phrases, please?

I’m preparing some phrases for a magazine, could you help correct the following phrases in a professional way? Thanks!

  1. Financial Vision
  2. Team Style
  3. Special Column
  4. Worklog

Sammi, I am not sure what you are asking. The English is fine, but the intent is unclear. These terms, on their own, simply indicate topics for further discussion and I cannot analyze their value without knowing what they refer to.

My first impressions are that:

  1. Financial Vision refers to anticipating future needs, desires, and challenges, with the specific goal of prospering financially if the vision is correct.

  2. Team Style is more unclear, without knowing the context. This could refer to a group of people with specific methods of dress, specific procedures, or even people working in cooperation (although that would typically be written with a hyphen, ‘team-style’).

  3. Special Column has no meaning without context. Since you mentioned a magazine, my first thought is that refers to an article published each month. ‘Columns’ typically refer to articles by a specific author, or on a specific subject, published in each magazine. ‘Special’, however, indicates that it is not ordinary and that perhaps it would be a series of articles published only for a limited time.

  4. Worklog is typically a term used to refer to documentation. Keeping track of the hours spent researching, writing, and/or performing a specific task.

I hope this helps.

And I need to correct my own writing. That last phrase is not a sentence, simply a thought that contains a subject but no object or verb. A declaration only.