Could you guys please help me translate the letter from English in to Korean ㅠㅠ

Hello I’m going to write a letter for my idol.
please you guys help me to translate it in to Korean?
I try to do my best but my knowlegde is so poor.

here is my message.

Hello oppa <3
Greeting from (country)!
I’m 라미 in korean or you can call me “(my name)
I’m 18 y.o. (Korean’s counting)
I was thinking so hard to write this letter because my korean skill is so poor.
but I have some people that are native speaker help me :wink:
Lastly, i determined to do it!

I’m a big fan of you.
I love your smile, your eyes, your voice oh god! I love all of you.
I hope to see your smile for eternity.
Some day, i will go to support you when i graduate my school.

Oppa! You have to look after your health and your body.

It may be an ordinary letter in your eyes but i did it with my heart. <3~
I extremely love you.

Ps. I hope you like my shirt (i’m sorry for not giving you by myself, i have to study ㅠㅠ)
Ps2. Please come to __(country) ! I’ll wait you.

Thanks you very much

Wow. I can see you are a fan of some Korean actor. I am sure if you send your letter to him in English, he will be able to read it. Most Koreans get many years of English study.

Sorry my own skills are not good enough to assist you. One thing you might do is visit Talk to Me in Korean’s site. You could learn some Korean and work with Loading... to get feedback from native speakers as you work your way up to translating this whole letter yourself.

Good luck learning Korean. It is an interesting language to study.