Could you give me more examples with "crooked"?

Could you give me more examples with “crooked”?

This old tree is so crooked that it is useless for lumber.

This usage of the word “crooked” is literal, meaning “not straight.”

Here are some more literal examples:

You have to turn down a crooked road to reach the old mill. (winding, curvy)

The little girl with crooked teeth gave us an endearing smile.

Aside from him making one horrible film after another, I find Owen Wilson’s crooked nose horribly distracting.

It’s no mystery where the Crooked River in Oregon got its name.

Once you lay that first base plate down, everything will follow in line with it. So if it’s not straight, your entire wall will turn out crooked.


Thank you! Got it.

bruce pretty much covered it but crooked can also be used to describe a person. Usually one who is not an honest person, or someone who is a criminal. A senator taking bribes for example would be called crooked. As a noun, can be used as ‘crook’ - ‘Al Capone was a crook.’

thanks, platyphylla, I was hoping someone would follow up with the figurative meaning of crooked.