Could you correct my mistakes?


Could you correct my mistakes please ? It’s for a CV video :


I’m Marion, I’m a french student and a web designer, let’s me present my course.

In 2010, I obtained an equivalent to an A-levels option science studies, after I passed two years to study computer science and learn the Object-Oriented Programming and I get my qualification in 2012. Then, I decided to specialise in multimedia thanks to a 2-year degree in multimedia communication, I got it in 2014. To improve my knowledge, I join a bachelor degree in multimedia communication that take end in 2015. Through my course, I’m able to do tasks in communication, programming and graphic design.

During my studies, I learnt to use several softwares of the adobe suite to create differents products. I use differents programming languages to develop a web site as html5, css2, php and sql. I can program in java too. I can also speak in english with an intermediate level and in french which is my mother tongue.
I’m able to create products for the print like flyers, logos etc or design and developing a web site. So, I’m versatile, a team worker and always determined to hit the mark.

My first work experience in this field is my work placement that I did in London during three months in a web agency as a web designer. I’m always interested about new work.

During my past-time, I draw, cook and travel to discover the strangeness of the world.

If you are interested about my profile, don’t hesitate to contact me or visit my portfolio. See you"

Many thank

I think you should submit this to a native speaker as a request in the Exchange.