Could we flag lessons?

Would it be possible to have a flagging/unflagging system for lessons we think are important? These would then stay at the front of the list, however we sort?

I think there are many things we can do to improve how our lessons are organized. All suggestions are welcome.

We are on a schedule of improvements right now that will address the LingQing function, and navigation on the site. This will keep us busy over the next few weeks or so, (everything takes longer than we think). After that we want to move on to writing and speaking, making them easier and more motivating for people to do.

After that we may well address the Library. If we had more resources we could improve all areas of our site at once, bearing in my mind that we can please everyone.

All suggestions are welcome.

My only real input on improving the lessons area was to have collections listed. Something similar to what you would have on your desktop on the computer. The other possibility is to create filters for collections.

/Collection A/ ← Click on this to go into the collection which would be organised just like the normal lessons page but restricted to that collection (with a little back button for navigation).
/Collection B/
Lesson 1 ← Ordinary lessons which are not a part of collections.
Lesson 2

(Thinking about list view here)

Hope that makes sense. I’ve got some collections of around 100 lessons and it’s hard to manage. When I’m going back to my archived lessons, it’s even worse because I have pages and pages. I still listen to those chapters of books to reinforce, while I exercise.

Surely there are other ways to design it. Maybe we could have some people create some mock-ups pictures to see what’s possible.

I already replied to your questionnaire anonymously (I didn’t want to take part in the draw for the 6 months membership), but this flagging question only occurred to me tonight.

It’s great to hear about your plans. Thank you.

One thing I think might be good for the yellow lingq window:

The word is displayed up the top with an audio button to press. This could be moved to the bottom of this window. I’ll explain my reasoning behind this idea. I don’t use the vocabulary section of the site and I only change the status of words while reading and listening to lessons. I’m pretty quick at this while I’m going along so it doesn’t disturb the flow of the lesson. But, due to it being a bit further down the yellow box, it’s a bit more rushed that it could be. Those who are using the audio button, aren’t in a rush to keep up with the audio. Switching the placement of the word + audio and the status numbers would be a good solution.

What do you think?

Interesting suggestion lymirtheshem, we are looking at a variety of things in that area and will keep that in mind as we do over the next month or so!