Could someone tell me how to find or pass me the link of all the conversations in the english library

For example, in French I enjoy the conversations between Serge and Marguerite and Marianne but I am too bad at searching conversations in the English Library and I want to follow an order between them.

@ceballos - Go to the English Library, click on “Show more filters” in the left sidebar and choose “Interviews” and “Conversations” from the list of Types. You should then see all lessons or better yet courses, if you select the Courses view.

Thanks Mark, I am looking at for all the EnglishLingQ # conversations, but I want to start with the First conversation and go on one by one and continue this way, I don’t want to hear EnglishLingQ# 1 and later EnglishLingQ# 54. I want an order. :slight_smile:

Is there any list Reproduction about this audios. I love their conversations but I want to follow one by one.

EnglishLingQ #1
EnglishLingQ # 2

I will appreciate your help


@ceballos - You can view the whole course which you can do by clicking “view course” from the dropdown for a lesson or by clicking on the course when you are in course view. To see the lessons in order click “None” in the Sort dropdown and it will give you the default order.

Mark, Thanks, I got it!!! :slight_smile: