Could Someone Give Me Advice on Advanced Language Learning Strategies?

Hello there,

I have been using LingQ for quite some time now and have found it immensely helpful in my language learning journey. I primarily use it for reading and listening practice, and I’ve seen significant improvements in my comprehension skills.

However, as I progress to more advanced levels, I find myself needing more specific strategies to further enhance my proficiency. I would greatly appreciate it if you could share some advanced language learning strategies that have worked well for you.

Mainly, I’m interested in techniques or resources that can help with:

Methods for learning and retaining advanced vocabulary effectively.

Tips for improving writing skills, particularly in terms of grammar and style.

Strategies for staying motivated during the advanced stages of language learning.

Also, I have taken help from this which definitely help me a lot:

Any guidance or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thankyou in advance.

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Once you get to an advanced level, you need from a more general approach to training the very specific skills. Find out what areas you are weak at and bring those areas up to stratch. The techniques to do this are nothing revolutionary. You just need to get more specific. Eg. study content about gardening or cars or cooking to learn such vocabulary. Read the advanced book in the grammar textbook series, etc.


If you are already Advanced, there are a couple things you can do.


This video explains the concept pretty well. You can apply it to LingQs as well, he has a ton of videos about it and it helps quite a bit. Reviewing can be done through listening.

Translate Text from your native language into your target language and vice versa, correct any mistakes.
This exercise is also explained in a video of the guy linked before, just go through. Pretty effective and helps.

Listen and read a lot always gets you going in terms of improvement but I am pretty certain you know that already.

Staying motivated:
Keep going. No matter what, just do a little in the language and focus on very specific skills.

That was my take, good luck!