Could anyone help me with transcripts? (job offer:)) /Требуется транскрипция

Hi everyone, I’m learning Russian here on Lingq and I would like to know if there’s anyone who could help me and do transcriptions for material I’m interested in? I really like Oleg Torsunov speeches and I would like to understand it, but transcriptions are not available for it and I can’t translate :frowning: could anyone do it for me for symbolic price? :wink: (do not hope anymore anyone would do it for free :D)

Put it in the exchange page and offer points; people will certainly show up

I don´t speak Russian, so here goes my question: transcripts are the same as transliterations? because there are a number of websites that transliterate for free. Ex.:

no it’s not the same. I just have a number of videos on youtube that I like, and I want all these speeches to be written down in russian alphabet

KaremiErnesta, the challenge is accepted. Please check the transcription on the Exchange page.

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KaremiErnesta, it took some time to make that long transcription. I hope you understand what I mean…

This is a tremendous example of members helping each other in our community. Wow, that was a long transcript. I have imported this lesson for my own use complete with audio and video. I also gave Ress 1000 points for his efforts.

I am very interested to see how the new exchange function works and how are members are able to take advantage of it.

Glad to see you like it, Steve :)) and one other member also showed me an incredible page where is a plenty of Oleg Torsunov speeches and all of them are with transcriptions. Here it is :slight_smile: Олег Торсунов