Cos'è la differenza tra queste due frase italiane. Clarifying Question

Cos’è la differenza tra “gran parte” e “la maggior parte”

What is the difference between “gran parte” and “la maggior parte”.

Grazie mille!

Gran parte = a large part, a lot of something
La maggior parte = most of it
So, if you own 40% of Mar-a-Lago, you do own “una gran parte” but not “la maggior parte”. You need to get over 50% for that

I’m not really sure about it because it depends on the context. I basically almost use these two in the same way. Or I don’t realise when I use one or the other. It might also depends on what I have to say before or after.

As @ftornay said, there might be that difference too. But, for example, if I change the article “la gran parte” instead of “una gran parte”, I could give the same meaning as “la maggior parte”. And I could eventually also change the article on “una maggior parte”.

In the spoken language, I can also use “la gran parte” if I own more than 50%. It depends on how I say it and who’s talking.

Maybe it’s just a question of style and preference or maybe regionalism. But I don’t have a precise answer based on how I use them.

I personally would use more “maggior parte” in general in any situation but someone else could use more “gran parte” instead.