Correction lost in writing exchange?

It’s the second or the third time I see this happening. This morning I correct a text in Dutch. A few hours later, I return to see if there is more that I can help with. My answer is gone. So I did it once more. It’s all a bit strange. Am I doing something wrong? That’s what I though at first, but I did exactly the same this time and there is no extra button that I could press anymore. Maybe I’ll have to start keeping my own text in a text editor off-line. It’s not an extreme amount of work to do it all again, but it’s not like it doesn’t take any effort either.

Thinking a bit more about this. I did 2 more, while in that same ‘session’ or while I stayed on that same page. Maybe I should have refreshed?

That sounds like a bug, we will look into it. Thanks for reporting.