Correcting a writing.. bug?

Now, I have to press the “save comments” every time I correct a word from the writing. If I don’t, then all the previous corrections are gone and an error at the top of the page appears
“Please correct the errors and save again”
“Please correct the errors and save again”

Then if I reload the page, all the corrections are back.

It used to suffice to press “save” after each word corrected. But now I have to press “save comments” after each correction.

I try to correct a writing but it is unbelievable slow! I use Firefox for doing the correction.

that too, but do you get errors if you don’t press the “save comments” button (at the bottom) every time you correct a word or phrase?

I use chrome for mac

Additional Firefox quitted five or six times during the correction. I put the final comment in when I’ve finished the correction. I usually write it in Word first. So I had no problem with “Save comments”.

I think this might be an issue with Firefox. FF 3.6.9 is crashing a lot with pages that use a lot of Flash.

There appears to be a problem with Google Chrome on Mac and the writing correction page. We will work on a solution. Please use Safari or Firefox to correct writings in the meantime.

mmmm the thing is that Òscar told me he had the same problem, I’ll have to ask him if he uses chrome too (though he uses windows).

Another problem I found with chrome is with the uploading of pictures, it doesn’t crop correctly the picture. You see that you cropped it correctly when you edited and saved, but then the picture doesn’t come up right, it adds a column to the picture.

Oh I forgot! Sure I’ll use Safari in the meantime :slight_smile: Please let us know if you fix this