Correcting a mistake makes known word new

When I import a text, it’s not uncommon to find a spelling error or some other little problem, so I just edit and fix it up. The trouble I’m having is when I separate, for example ‘omde’ into ‘om de’, two words which I know, a lot of the time, one or two of them will become blue.

Not sure if the devs know about this one, but I thought I’d mention it as it’s stuff that’s at the core of the site. That’s the most critical area to get running smoothly.

I don’t know if I’ve ever come across this error. Have you already marked these words as “Known” on the site?

Also, has anyone else noticed this problem?

Yup, already marked as known.

This time for French, I had ‘àgauche’ mistakenly typed into the text. à was already LingQed, and when I edited them to be apart - gauche was without any colour! (This is the first lesson I’ve done here). I tried highlighting it several times to no avail. Refreshing several times and eventually loading the lesson 3 times anew from the lessons page, it went blue.

Hopefully this is helping you with what the problem might be. If you can recreate it, it might help a bit.

Ah, yes. Now I know what you mean. It’s a minor bug that I’ve noticed in the past, but seems to only occur when you edit a word in the text. In this case, did the word “gauche” show up in QuickLingQ mode as a new word?

Oh, I wasn’t using the QuickLingQ mode Alex; just the standard mode as always. But I’ll try to remember that next time this happens and will tell you what happens.