Correct time Europe/Berlim

Hello, I am in Munich and here is the same time that Berlim, I think here is GMT +1 but in my profile Berlim is GMT +2, I must select other city to correct GMT + 1 or +2 is the correct one? Today is my first day of conversation and I don’t want be late.


It looks like Berlin is GMT+2 at the moment. This is due to summer time. Don’t worry, the system automatically adjusts for time changes. You can trust the system to handle all time zone issues.

I’m affraid because in my computer windows system I have set up Berlin as GMT +1 and it’s correct, I don’t want be late in my first conversation.

If you have ticked “adjust for summer time”, GMT +2 is correct for Berlin, otherwise it’s GMT+1. Deine Nachricht hat den Zeitstempel 10:25, d.h. meine Ortszeit hier in England (GMT+1). Ich schreibe diese Zeilen um 10:42 (englische Zeit). Vielleicht hilft es dir, deine Computerzeit richtig einzustellen. Viel Spaß und Erfolg bei der Unterhaltung.

Hi trarcnux. In Germany we have now GMT+2 as Mark explained. In my computer settings it is GMT+1. But I’ve set the check box for the summer time which added another hour to the GMT. You can trust the LingQ system. Choose “Berlin” as your time and everything works fine.

You signed up for a conversation with me at 21:00 a clock, that’s 9:00 pm. I’ll call you when it is 9 in the evening.

I wonder what happend to you profile. Now the flag is back, but your profile still creates a server error.

P.S. Thank you for signing up. By the way, what level you are? You know, I could not check your profile :slight_smile: