Copyright question

I have found a book that is no longer in print, and was published in the early 70s. If I upload them here onto LingQ and allow for the public to have access to them, is that breaking any copyright laws? The book was published in Canada if that makes any difference.

Thanks !

I don’t think so there could be any Copyright issues as you are not claiming as being the author of that book.

You can get sued, but you probably won’t.

Be careful, copyright is in force for a minimum of 50 years, I believe. In Europe it is even 70 years. Do not put anything for public consumption onto LingQ that you suspect might still be covered by copyright. I understand that friends can share private lessons, but care needs to be taken. You will be held responsible, not LingQ, should the internet police ever decide to take a language lesson here :slight_smile:

Fun fact: Orwell is in the public domain in Australia, but not elsewhere. If anyone is in Australia and interested in putting up a bit of Orwell, go for it. I’ll be reading…

I am trying to find a way to contact the publisher, and I am having a problem doing so.

Here is the name listed as the publisher:
Publisher Publishing Committee, Byelorussian-Canadian Coordinating Committee, 1974

If anyone is interested in the book it is called Fundamental Byelorussian by Valentyna Pashkievich

Yeah, I think you’re in the clear for posting that.

Which language library are you going to import this into?

@Steve-I am thinking Hebrew, as I have started doing some Belarusian in there. However if a new slot were to be created I could put it there :wink:

If you bring it in for your own use there is absolutely no problem.

@Steve- Would there be an issue with the laws if I made it public?

for which language, we don’t offer Byelorussian.

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I guess I’ll just have to wait to see if it’s ever added

@Le_Jr@Steve- Would there be an issue with the laws if I made it public?”

My understanding is that if the book is still under copyright, even if it is unavailable, even if it is out of print, the answer is yes, there could be an issue.