Copyright on Wikipedia, GNU Public Licence

Does anyone know off the top of their head what the legal position is on getting speakers to record Wikipedia articles and share them as lessons on LingQ? I’ve had a little read around, but I’m still not quite sure.

Likewise with works published under GNU Public Licence. I stumbled across the Xenofeminism manifesto (see - but be warned if you suffer from epilepsy, that site is pretty flickery) and, while it’s a dense read and I haven’t fully made sense of it in English yet, the authors have helpfully translated it into 11 other languages, so if I could find speakers to record them, that could create a useful, if esoteric, set of the same content in multiple languages, along the same lines as the mini-stories. But having read the GNU Public Licence linked from their site, I’m none the wiser whether producing audio versions of the content and sharing it on LingQ with attribution would be allowed.

wikipedia is the free encyclopedia. You can share whatever you want from there, just put a link refering to them.
I didn’t read the rest of your post though. sorry