Copy and Pasting from the LingQ reader into Reverso and Word

I use the quick command Ctrl + C + C to open the reverso translation app. I do this because it gives example sentences on words or phrases i come across in LingQ, which i then put into anki. Unfortunately, when i try to use this short-cut using LingQ by copying the relevant sentence, all the words are copied into Reverso without any spaces. Sometimes reverso can recognise the meaning without the spaces, but mostly it doesnt. Although its only a minor thing, it takes time to insert the spaces into the appropriate places (aside from being quite annoying, as it happens every single time). This also happens when you try to copy and paste a sentence into word. Is there a way to fix this?

Ctrl + C + C on the phrase at the top of the mini-popup instead.


Yes, as @bstein mentioned, you can copy-paste from the blue/yellow popups instead.

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Thank you Zoran and bstein, your suggestion worked. Appreciated!

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