Copy and paste from LingQ?

I used to copy and paste sentences from LingQ on my iPad or iPhone but I can’t figure out how to do it with the new 5.0 version.


You are not alone. I’m also bothered with this problem. Hope there is a solution for it.

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To copy the text, open the card popup → Tap and hold the word/phrase in the top of the popup → Copy.

Hope that helps!

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It’s not working for me. It seems like it should work but it’s not. I select the sentence as if I were making a card. Then at the top next to the TTS button is the text. If I long press that a menu pops up to allow “Copy/Share”. But if I hit copy nothing copies to the clipboard.

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that seems like an unnecessary extra step. you used to be able to highlight and copy a sentence while reading without this extra step.

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Yes, but we also removed the step of having to choose ““Add LingQ”.

Bumping this because I didn’t get e response.

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Are you sure that my instructions above don’t work? Can you please record a video of what happens on your end and send it to support(at) Thanks!

I can copy the text following your instructions, but when I paste it, nothing comes out.

Let me be clearer: when I copy something outside of Lingq’s environment and paste it in the note section, it works. But when I copy the texts using your instructions, nothing comes out.

Copy and paste no longer works on my app. It stopped working the day I subscribed. I’ve been told several times it will be fixed but looking on here it seems I am not alone. This appears to be a known problem. This app was excellent. It is the first time I have ever paid a subscription for. Any app. I cannot express how gutted I am that it stopped working. I feel like I have lost something special.

In the upcoming updates, copy-pasting from blue/yellow popups will be available on Android app too. We are working on it.


When I copy text from a text, it looks like this when I paste it: Squallidaepietosalafolladimenticava, which of course is of no use. Will this be fixed?

Are you copying it from blue/yellow popups?

For a month I used to copy out of the blue popups Then they stopped appearing. There are no longer any blue popups. The text is bracketed with yellow markers but no pop up appears.

@johnmoore If you are on Android app, we will deal with that in the upcoming updates.