Coordinating new mini-stories

A few weeks ago Steve Kaufmann put up a YouTube video called Language learning is getting easier all the time, in which he was calling for people to help contribute more mini-stories, to expand the set from the sixty that already exist. I emailed Steve, but I haven’t heard back yet, so I’m putting this message up here. [Edit: I am an idiot - I did hear back, but somehow missed the notification. Anyway, I’m leaving this up here in case anyone else wants to get involved]

As it happens, I had already been working on some extra stories in the same sort of format, that I was planning to share on LingQ and hopefully find people to translate into the languages I’m interested in learning, and I thought it was worth asking here if any of the other people who commented in that video comment thread would be interested in coordinating so that we can collectively produce a new set of mini-stories that can eventually be made available in all the supported languages. There were a couple of people commenting that they could write some in Russian, namely YouTubers Ruslan Kokomiyets and Natalya Rada, and one who said he could contribute some in Danish, YouTuber SouthPark333Gaming. If you are interested in coordinating to see that your stories also get translated into English (I could do the voice recordings and check your grammar if you are non-native speakers), then hopefully between us we can produce a decent-sized set of new ones, and maybe also share our work in progress so that we’re not writing things that are too similar.

Anyone interested? Or indeed anyone else who wasn’t on the YouTube video?