Cool websites for short breaks from LingQing

To keep fresh while LingQing, it is often nice to take short breaks. The problem with doing this at home in front of your computer is that you are tempted to procrastinate: one quick look at Facebook becomes an hour going through your friend’s friend’s baby pictures. Babies are cute and all, but it would be nice to have a few websites at your fingertips that would be a great break from LingQing but that are not going to make you forget about what you need to do.

These types of websites will vary form person to person, of course.

One site that fits this description for me is

It is an interactive music synthesiser. You have 8 tracks of different instrument types. Each track looks like a 16X16 grid. You click squares on the grid to choose when (the Y axis) and at what pitch (the X axis) you want to play the note. The music runs on a 16 beat loop.

I like this because it satisfies the nerdy part of me that wants to figure out grammar rules when I am LingQing instead of just enjoying the language as it is.

Lyrics Training is an easy and fun method to learn and improve your foreign languages skills through the music and lyrics of songs.

Ed, may be you know a site that can help break my growing addiction to the sites, including the growing addiction to writing nonsense at LingQ forums. Urgent help needed!



Hi David, thanks for the nice links, but they seem to only improve my addiction to the sites

Holy cow! Awesome tools, DavidMartin. :slight_smile:

Edward, Thanks for sharing!
It’s very nice :slight_smile:
Something I made with inudge. :slight_smile:

inudge is great, thanks dooo. i like how it combines art and music:)

if i already didnt have enough things to procrastinate on lol

Here is an interesting talk by Bill Gates about energy.

Also would like to note that this website has transcripts.