Cool LingQ Feature Idea

I was just watching a youtube video in my target language and I thought of an interesting feature that might be useful on LingQ.

I already use the import function as a chrome extension for articles and I was thinking wouldn’t it be cool if you could click the (or another) extension and it would allow you to conveniently enter the hours (or words, etc.) of content you watched while never having to physically open and reopen LingQ to keep track of it. That way you can just watch content throughout the day randomly and still log it conveniently.

I don’t have any programming expertise, I’m just throwing out the idea. I figure it’s a great way to encourage actively seeking out content (sometimes content like videos which can’t really be imported without subtitles) while still getting the reward & data of tracking how much you watch.

You’d still be using LingQ, its just a more convenient way to access LingQ.

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