Conversations with Evgueny - My Trip to Milan

This is my interview with Richard Coombes from Englad who was recently in Milan (Italy).
Richard tells very interesting about the famous Duomo, the Milan’s cathedral, about La Scala, the well-known theatre, and about his father who was in Milan during the World War Two.
Here is the link to this interview:

Well done! I like the way Richard talks. I think his English is British and the “accent” is probably RP.

My new Interview with Richard is about an interesting tradition in the UK - Duke of Edinburgh’s Award:

And here is my new conversation with Richard - he tells about SOUTHERN ENGLAND:

Besides it, you can read and listen to many of my conversations with native English speakers, for example:
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Here is my conversation with Richard about the English lifestyle- MY HOME IS MY CASTLE:

Here is my new interesting conversation with Richard from England -

Here is my new conversation - now with Tim from Australia.
Tim tells about AN INTERESTING PHOTO EXHIBITION in Sydney - street photogtaphy from 1930s to 1960s.
Who would like to listen to the Australian English can do it now:

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Here is my new conversation with Richard from the UK -

Here is my new English Interview - EVAN FROM LONDON:

Here is my new conversation with Tim Coyle from Australia about the most actual issue -

The situation with the Coronavirus in Australia:

Here are two my new English conversations with Richard Coombes from England:
About my New Year’s Trip and Brexit:

How many words do you need to know in order to start talking:

Here is my new English conversation with Richard from England -