Conversations page: some ideas

I know lingqers have suggested a lot of improvements to Conversations page. So many, that I can’t keep track of them (although I hope LingQ HQ manages to do it). I have some ideas too, but first of all I would like to share my own experience.

I provide 1-on-1 Japanese discussions for Russian speakers. And it causes some confusion among other learners of Japanese. Now and then someone signs up to my Japanese discussion, and I cancel it, suggesting to the student to sign up to a discussion with a native.

Thus, my suggestion is to show only discussions hosted by native speakers of the target language and speakers of the same language as the student.
For example, if a Russian opens the Japanese Conversations page, he sees only discussions provided by our Japanese members and me. If someone from the US opens the Japanese Conversations page, he sees Allison’s discussions in addition to discussions hosted by Japanese members.

Others ideas I think are not worth to be mentioned, as almost everybody has already asked you to implement this — improve filtering. We want to have an option to search for discussions by time, multiple tutors and students that have already signed up to it.

Also I want to have an opportunity to send invitations to conversation that I’ve already signed up. For example I always sign up to Tom’s discussion several months ahead. Sometimes I see that nobody except me has signed up to this discussion and want to invite my friends to join Tom and me. But I can’t send invitation to the discussion I’ve already signed up. I need to cancel my attendance and sign up for this discussion again with sending invitations. It is quite boring. And is the discussion is less than in 24 hours, I can’t cancel it, that’s why I can’t send invitations.

@cakypa - Good suggestions. You can use the existing filters to find tutors by native language and country. I realize many may not see that they can do this. We’ll consider this when we do our next round of improvements on the Speak page. We will see if we can do something about enabling invitations from the conversation popup after you have already signed up.

I would appreciate if I could chose a time slot. For example showing me all available conversations between 8pm and 10pm. It took me often a lot of time to open the time slot of all tutors.

I agree. It’s very tedious to find conversations in an hourly range.