Conversations on this Site

Hey I just signed up for this site. Native English speaker. I am learning Spanish.

So it would be awesome to have some spanish conversations. I have been studying for only a month and a half, however, so how does this site work? What should I do to enhance my speaking skills, so that when I go to Chile this summer I can talk with people!


You should continue to focus on your input skills, listening, reading and adding to your passive vocabulary. This will stand you in good stead when you go to speak.

When you are ready to speak or write, just sign up for a discussion in the Write section, or submit some writing in the Write section.

It says I need points. Is there any way to earn points besides buying them?

I honestly would just enjoy being helped with my Spanish and then helping someone in English.

Does this site offer something like that? Where it is like a trade?

You can earn points in the following ways:

Offer discussions in your native language. You receive points for each discussion
Correct writing in your native language. You receive points per word corrected.
Provide content for our library. You receive points based on usage on an ongoing basis.
Persuade your friends to become paying members of LingQ. You receive 200 points per month per friend as long as that friend remains a paying member.

How many points does offering discussion do? I really would just like to find a partner trying to learn English and then we could converse back and forth once or twice a week, that would be awesome.

You can search for friends here and exchange skype and email information to set up direct language exchanges.

If you choose to use the LingQ platform, a 15 minute one on one discussion costs 500 points, one hour costs 2000 points. If it is a group discussion, the cost is shared amongst the participants.

Tutors earn 75% of the cost of a discussion since LingQ takes a 25% fee for the use of the LingQ platform.

Oh cool, thanks for your help! I think I also posted on your youtube videos! Crazy, I searched for linguistics in youtube and pretty sure I watched some of your videos.

Thanks for the reply and helping others learn languages


If you choose to tutor here I suggest you read the tutor’s manual. It is not yet fully up to date, but I have amended it a little to reflect recent changes. Check it out at my blog.

Check out my advice at youtube. Since you are going to Chile, I would focus on my listening, reading and LingQing activities here at LingQ. A small amount of writing and speaking will be enough to keep you focused. You have a lot of work to do to get used to the language and build up your word power. That way when you get to Chile your language skills will explode. You will be able to take full advantage of the immersion there.

@halfstepdown88 - I will sign up for an English conversation with you when I see you under “Available Tutors”

I tried every tab on this site and can’t for the life of me figure out how to tutor. Maybe I am just being blind, but where is the “tutor” section it talks about in the manual?

Oh nevermind, I think I found it :slight_smile:

Hey do you need 100 lingqs to tutor writing?

And what do the numbers next to lings mean? Next to the definition there is numbers in parenthesis