Conversations are booked mistakenly - what happens here

Hi Mark
I visited the profile from Helen, but after that, I wanted to look for the profile from another tutor, too.

After a click on “Search”, I got the note “you have booked a conversation today at 2pm …”
I didn’t wanted to book!!
First, I didn’t know that the “search button” was the reason, and I did it the second time. After writing a name in this box, I got the note that I have booked a further conversation, today at 3 pm

How can that be?

Usually it isn’t possible to book a conversation such short time before, too.

Now, I asked Helen, to delete both of them, because I am not able to speak with her to this time.
Hopefully it will be possible.

@Irene - That seems very strange. Which browser are you using? Did you have to go and cancel the conversation? You just clicked in the Search field on the Profile page? Any more information you can provide us so we can try and reproduce the problem would be great.

I am using IE, and eventually you still know that my son is firm in Microsoft products. He said, it is normal that a program is designed specifically for ONE explorer. But he has also pointed out the disadvantages from google chrom par example. Furthermore, he cannot understand that a function is working in this wrong way which I told him.

Once again: I was on the profile from Helen and wanted to search for another tutor in the box for “Searching”. Only this was the reason that the conversation was booked. I could see the other tutor I was looking for, but I was so scared about the booking note that I didn’t click on her.

I didn’t try to cancel the conversation because I know, that isn’t possible short time before. It was 11 am when the mistake happened, and the conversation was booked then for 2 pm. Usually it isn’t possible to book a private lesson such a short time before *hm
I have immediately asked Helen to delete them, now, I got back the points from her. But I think, this can be a problem for other users, too.

@Irene - We try to support all browsers so it’s not a problem that you are in IE. However, we can’t reproduce this bug in any browser so it is hard for us to fix it. You are able to sign up for conversations on the Profile page by clicking the Sign up buttons on the left side of the page, if that member offers conversations. The search box and results that show are completely separate and have no connection with the conversation sign up controls. I suggest you just use this page normally and if this happens again, document exactly what you did so we can try and reproduce it. We can’t really do any more at the moment without more information.

That is clear, for me, too. I asked Maria and did the same thing from her profile, nothing wrong happened.
Perhaps, I will ask Helen, too :slight_smile:

In this case I just deleted the conversations, which I could do because nobody else had signed up. If you had signed up to a conversation with other people, it would have been trickier. I would have suggested that, instead of attending the conversation you had signed up for, we had another conversation at a time to suit you. If you didn’t want a conversation with me at all, I suppose either I could donate you your points back (I think we can do that now) or you could ask Mark to do it.

By the way, a tutor can delete a conversation after it has happened, as long as they haven’t yet sent the conversation report.

OK, Helen, I will do a try. Perhaps, I can help Mark to find the mistake.
I will go to your pofile again and do the same I did yesterday :slight_smile:

A few minutes later:
I did the same and nothing wrong happened! I hope, it was only a short mistake that can be sometimes in the electronic world.