Conversational Prases for French to Use When Using a Tutor or a Language Exchange


When learning Spanish, I found it useful to have several phrases handy when doing language exchanges or working with a tutor. "How do you say . . . " “What does X mean?” “How do you write/spell that?” “I can’t hear you very well,” and so forth.

Does anyone know if there is a lesson on Lingq or elsewhere on the internet that lists such phrases/sentences?




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If that does not exist, I hope someone will write one. In each language!

“Comment dites-vous XXX ?”
“Que veux dire XXX”?
“Comment écrivez-vous / épeler vous XXX?”
“Je ne vous entends pas très bien!”

I do know that you want me to translate MANY others phrases, but I’m quite lazy now. Sorry about that! :wink:

Done for Portuguese!

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