Conversational French Course

Hi all,

I’ve put together a “course” based on lessons already in the library. This course is for students struggling with comprehension of “live” conversations in French, as well as those who want to take their level from a confident A1 level (or A2) to B1 and beyond, giving you the confidence to listen to radio content in French. These conversations are very interesting and fun. Not only does LingQ’s co-creator (Steve) being non-native make it easier to follow the conversations, it allows for interesting cross-cultural discussions to ensue. I recommend you study these alongside other content of interest.

Thanks Peter, that is a great idea!

Great idea, Peter. Thanks. Definitely I’ll use it when I get back to anything other than reading in French.

Yes, a great idea! I’m going to have a look just because I want to see what you put together…

Peter this course is really cool {wink-wink-smile}

Thank you very much for reminding me of these great resources. I listen to France Culture, TV 5, Radio France International, etc, but I sometimes go back to these contents, too. To tell the truth, I forgot to listen to one.
In my view, even though they sometimes talk about familiar subjects, this content (without reading transcripts) is B1 or B2 and beyond. It still is difficult for Japanese A1 or A2 level learners.

Thanks for the feedback. I just wanted to find a way of highlighting these content items. I hope other learners find them as fun and useful as I did. I know some people are allergic to the idea of listening to non-natives (even just one out of the two speakers), but I think interest and enjoyment can be more important than following a “strictly native” study diet. Plus they might give you (the foreigner) the belief that you can do it too!

@dilemme - Yes, without reading the transcript I think it would be very hard at that level. However, I think they’re not out of reach for strong A1 or A2 learners, if they’re willing to put in a bit of effort (and perhaps go over them a few times). These helped me learn to spot the fillers in French and bridge the gap between “it’s too fast, I can’t understand anything” and “it’s not too fast, I just don’t know ALL the words”.

Listen to them, read (and LingQ) the transcripts, listen and read at the same time, then start from the first lesson again. That’s what I would do (along with other content).

Part two in this two-part series of courses :slight_smile:

Wow! I’ve tried several lessons from it and was generally able to follow conversations in French - that’s something that I didn’t expect me to!
A really pleasant experience! So, I thank our fellow lingqers for it! :)))