I’d like to keep in touch, talk to someone to practice. Looking to add friends on the site, but it is difficult for someone to respond. Someone has scape and willingness to talk? Or even maintain a dialogue just for typing was already good.

I agree. I have been on link for about 3 weeks and so far have not located any friends only studied. I’m not sure how friends are located whether it’s in the forums or what but I will add you. I see by you’re flag, you’re studying Portuguese. I’m afraid I don’t know that language. I know English and I’m working on Spanish, my first foreign language.

To find and add friends on LingQ, just follow them on their profiles. You can find interesting people on the Friends page by filtering for a specific target language to find other learners of that language or filtering for a specific country you are interested in friending people from. Use the filters in the left sidebar and click through to the profile page of users who are active. Of course, getting active on the forum or in conversations or tutoring will bring you into contact with more members you can friend. Good luck!