Yesterday I took part at a converstion in group. Today on my workdesk it doesn’t appear that I participated to it. Is it a bug?



Hi Cecile,

How do you mean it doesn’t appear that you participated on the WorkDesk. I assume you mean the Lesson page but I’m not sure. Or, are you referring to the Course page? Do you mean your Speak task is not shown as completed in the 5 steps?

Hi Mark,

I mean in the progression report which is in my profil.

Hi Cecile,

this is a tough problem to replicate. Are others having the same issue? Please let me know.

It seems I am the only one. I can add myself the time I spoke, but it will be not count on my score !

Can you please tell me how can i listen conversation or how can i use that course??


You first have to become at least a Basic member and buy enough points, But first why not use the free functions at LingQ like listening, reading and saving words and phrases.


Please send me any information you have on this conversation (tutor, time, date, etc…) and we will see what we can do.

Hi Mark,

This conversation took place with Alison on the Thursday 20th at 7pm if I remember well. We were a group of 4 plus Alison.