Conversation Session length

Is there a way to adjust conversation session length? It looks like the calendar under teach is limited to 15 minute sessions.

@hammeraway - Users can actually choose multiple times lots when signing up if they want a longer conversation. If you check the box for 11:00 and 11:15 for example, a user can tick both boxes when signing up and it will be counted as a 30-minute conversation.

hammeraway in addition to what Alex said, as long as both learner and tutor want to continue, nothing prevents you from doing so. In that case you should advise the tutor that you will pay additional points to them to extend the discussion.

Not to mention that, when both the tutor and the student are enjoying the conversation, it is possible to go on talking for much longer. My conversations with some students last from 30 to 60 minutes, even if they pay for just 15 minutes.

I agree Mike I sure sessions could go on for longer than the set session without even realizing. I’ll probably adopt your policy.