Conversation Reports

Is it possible yet to access our conversation resports other than through the e-mail link sent by the tutor? (I deleted the e-mail thinking that I could still access the report directly.)

A few months ago Mark wrote a post saying that it was possible to access the recent reports through your home page, under tutor reports. I don’t see that option available. Possibly that changed after the latest update to Lingq?

@Jingle - The Tutor Reports box was removed in the recent re-organization in an effort to streamline that page. You should be able to access those reports for a few days on the Speak page in the My Conversations list. We will figure out a way to access those reports permanently in the future.

Thanks, Mark. I just tried that with the conversation I had last night, and I don’t see a way to link to the report…That’s OK though. It wasn’t that report that I needed anyway. I still have the e-mail for that one. The report I need is for a conversation that doesn’t show up anymore on the list.

Is it possible for the tutor to re-send the report if I ask her nicely?

@Jingle - Unfortunately, there is no way to resend the report. You can ask your tutor for the event number which they should be able to find. Then, you can use the following link substituting (event#) with the event number.

Alternatively, every conversation is attached to a lesson. If you look at your list of lessons on the My Lessons page and hover on the Tasks popup for which the Speak icon is red, you should be able to find that conversations report. You may have to try a few lessons to find it, but the conversation is always attached to the most recently used lesson at the time you sign up for it.

Perfect! Who’d a thunk it! (That the conversation report was attached to a lesson…) What other secrets are there that I haven’t discovered?

Anyway, thanks. I found the report I wanted quite easily since I have done few conversations.

Speaking as a tutor, it would be handy to be able to find the last report you wrote for any given student. Then you can say things like “although we haven’t talked for 3 months, you are talking at the same level, and your comprehension seems to have improved”.

I agree with Helen!