Conversation Reports

We have just launched our new Conversation Report feature. This means that after every conversation you will now receive a report from your tutor. This report will contain some suggested words or phrases to learn as well as some general comments from your tutor. You will be able to easily import the suggested terms into LingQ’s Vocabulary section for review. This is yet another great reason to sign up for a conversation soon! Let us know how you like the report.

Hi Mark,

Are tutors sending the report by e-mail or Skype message?

The reports are coming by email. Some tutors may also use the Skype Chat box to send suggestions but either way you should also get the report by email with at least a final comment from your tutor on it.

We have just set up the Conversation Report email to also appear in the Message Centre. You can look for it there from now on.

again to this report - in the last days I worked more with.
In my opinion the tutor could use a copy from the Skype-chat-box when we had the possibility to edit this window in the report.