Conversation Ratings

Would it be possible to see the ratings per language? I know that several tutors give conversations and/or correct writings in multiple languages, and therefore the rating may be a bit misleading. If someone were looking on the German conversations page and saw that a tutor has a high rating and has held many conversations he might be more likely to choose them, when they actually haven’t even held any German conversations, and all the ratings are based on English.

Very good suggestion. That makes a lot of sense. It was something I’ve been thinking about myself. This mixed rating doesn’t help. I for myself would like to see the rating for each individuell rating:
Rating for the report, sound qualitiy and conversational abilities. Some tutors are great in the conversation and have a good sound quality, but offer poor reports.

That’s a very interesting question. Indeed, when a tutor is offering conversations/writings in more than one language, the rating system is totally useless, because you don’t know which language are the rating based on. And also this can lead to a confusion. As Angela said, you can chose a teacher based in his experience (250 conversations for example) and maybe you don’t know that he has done just 2 conversations in your language and the 5 stars rate is also based in the other language.
This is happening at least with some tutors that offer Spanish conversation.
I don’t know about technical stuff, but I think this change shouldn’t be hard to implement. It’s just like a filter based on the language.

I also thought about a possibility of leaving a comment for the tutor after the conversation has taken place. Note that the tutor can leave comments when they are sending a conversation report, however the student cannot do the same. I believe tutors may appreciate some feedback as well! Giving golden stars is not a bad idea, so that everyone could see how good/bad the tutor is, but personally I would like to get more meaningful comments from my students, so that I know whether they enjoyed the conversation or not and what I could improve as a tutor.

I agree with all the comments. It all boils down to the single rating not really giving us the necessary information that we need to be able to decide if we want to choose the tutor.

Customic, I think that is a good idea as well, although, I think also you can ask the students directly for feedback after the conversation.

Thanks for the feedback. We are planning to separate the languages when it comes to displaying ratings. We have considered having comments about the tutor that would be visible along with the ratings. A non-public way to give feedback to the tutor is not being considered although, as aybee says, you can always ask them.