Conversation offers don't appear in the appointment schedule

I’d like to offer 2 Conversations in November (the 21th and 28th) in my mother tongue German. Though I filled in the available time, I still don’t appear in the schedule. Do one first has to pass a test showing the conversation ability, or what could be the reason?

Hi, you usually don’t see them yourself as you are the tutor offering them. I checked for you and you are there from 21:30-23:30 on both days :wink:

Hello Maria! Thanks for your quick response! I didn’t know that the tutor can’t see his/her own offers. So I have to be careful that I don’t miss my suggested appointments :slight_smile: (at least if I had many more than only 2).

You can see your own slots towards the bottom of your own home page - at least with group discussions. Otherwise you can open a second account and befriend yourself. You’ll be able to see all your appointments from the second account.

Hello Sanne! Thanks for the hints!

First I have to wait, if someone is willing to accept an offer of an still unexperienced tutor (in any case I will try my best). But as soon as I possibly have several appointments, I will maybe consider to open an account for my alter ego. :slight_smile:

Judging from the way our conversation went, you are a perfectly competent and able tutor. You have a clear voice and I like the way you speak (ok, I am a tiny bit biased because I am from North Germany).

Seriously, though, your students will be in good hands.

Thx for the compliments! It seems to be a common phenomenon, that many don´t like to hear their own voices. The same applies to most musicians (esp. the classical ones): the interpreter is almost never content with the own performance.