Conversation in french

Hi, I am trying to learn french and I wonder if anyone would like to speak with me on skype.
My skype name is: andre.caldas4.
Feel free to add me if you want to speak in portuguese (brazilian accent) or english too.

i have add you , hellhammer.dimmu

Hey agqcaldas - I have just added you as a friend on here! I am also learning french have been doing what is called the DELF - I take my B1 exams in a few weeks - not sure of you level of french but would be happy to arrange a skype chat with you and see if we can help each other out? Let me know if you are interested. A Bientot!

Salut tout le monde! Je suis nouveau aussi… mon niveau est debutant encore mais je voudrait practique mon francais avec quelqu’une, peut etre nous pouvon faire une conference call! je vais ajouterai toi andre,hellhammer, libellule a mon skype aussi! mon skype name est Lex.lingQ! j’espere parlent avec toi bein tot!

@libellule- je ne puex pas trouver ton skype name…si tu veux ajouterai moi, mon skype name est Lex.lingQ! merci!

Hi guys,
I added you all.
Libellule, I’ve already managed to talk to gaprixto, but I haven’t seen you on line yet on skype.
Usually I turn on my skype between 11:00 PM and 12:00 PM and I would be glad to speak with you too if I find you on line.
A bientot.

I’ll add you on Skype. I’m from Venezuela, and I’m starting to learn french too. À plus tard!

Hey there - my skype name is libellule-2000 - I hope to speak with you guys soon.

Hey there - my skype name is libellule-2000 - I hope to speak with you guys soon.

bonjour, je suis nouveau ici et j’apprends l’anglais.Étant français je peux vous aider à apprendre. je suis à la recherche de correspondant pour progresser en anglais. mon @Skype est cedric.jacoby. à bientôt !!!