Conversation in english

My name is Isabelle and I speak french.
I can learn to speak english and I would like to correspond with someone.
If you interested, please write me.

My name is vitass and I speak chinese. I have a strong desire to learn English.

My name is hery and i wish to immigrate to Canada but i need parctice my english before.

Hello everybody,
I am Zuzka and I am Czech. I study English and German. I think that I am intermediate
and I am looking for someone who would like to speak to me and help me to improve my English.
I prefer some girl. I can also speak to you in German :slight_smile:
So if you are interested, please contact me on my skype: zzzzuzka92

what about some boys

hi,Buddies i want to communicate and improve my accent and pronunciation too.i am intermediate level so kindly add me on skype my skype id is jamers_786.thanks in advance hope you will enjoy with me and improve your listen skill too.

hi, let’s make some great conversation.
what is your skype id ?

yes ı would like to…

My name is Katherina and I speak Ukrainian. I learn English

I am a native English speaker, what would you like to know?

Me please!! LOL my name is Paty I’m from Mexico I would like to talk to you.

Hello Guys i am An Accounts and Finance Professional i want to improve my English skills by doing conversation with people who also want to learn english and have patience to hear bad speaker like me …thanks
My Skype id is --Gulfaz.sabir

hi, i want to keep making Friends, i ccan speak english maybe i could help to practice my Skype is Erick Saldaña o put my email erick_e2119@hotmail to find me easily,

Salut! Je parle l’anglais. Je peux correspondre avec toi.

Hello! Currently learning Spanish and would really enjoy conversations on Skype! We can exchange English for Spanish (vise versa!) - skype name: mloar7@gmail

I could use some conversations in English myself.
I can also help out with Polish if needed :slight_smile:
grigo92@gmail or message me on LingQ


Salut! Je parle l’anglais. Je peux correspondre avec toi.

Hello! I’m Jhonick. I’m russian, and I want speak english. So, if you have desire, please write me.

Hi, I’m Anton. I’m learning English. My native language is Russian. I would like to speak in English on skype. I can help you with Russian.

My skype kucherenko_a.i

Hello guys, I want to find partners can communicate in English, I don’t care whether you are native in English or not, as long as you can speak and listen in English well. I prefer people can make a Skype or Line call rather via chat text, as I am lazy to type messages kekekke. Just kidding =]]]]]] Welcome anybody have same insterest about English speaking like me. Cheers >,<

Hope we can have a fun and greate time to improve English skills together.

Feel free to contact with me through Skype and Line account : bagiatihon1409