Conversation english beginner

Hi, I’m from Brazilian.
I don’t speak English very well.
Need help in conversational English.
Can anyone help?
I can teach Portuguese…
My skype: repolvora.

Thanks to all

Hi there
I’m learning Brazlian Portuguese and I’m an English teacher.
Although I don’t have lots of time for conversation outside my teaching, I sometimes have group calls with Brazilians and we chat as friends in English. Feel free to add me on Skype and join us sometime. keshiasa is my Skype name.

Chat soon.

Thanks, I’ll add in skipe

I’m Thang from Vietnam
I dont speak english well too.

I’m very happy if you help me to have some conversations in English,
my skype: thangnh.nguyen

Thank you very much!

I’m Hoang .I’m from Viet Nam.
I don’t speak english well . I need anyone help me to have some conversations in english
my skype :phamthehoang1991
thanks !

Hi, I’m from Belarus.
I’m beginner in English.
I would like to speak English with someone. I can teach Russian…
my skype : igor_990


Hi, I’m brazilian.
I don’t speak english very well.
I need to speak very fast, because i want to travel to london city. Then, can I add you in skype?


Hi, I am Pisti and 20 years old. I’m from Hungary…I understand english well but I can’t speak english well so I would like to speak english with anyone.
I can teach you hungarian if you would like it. Free feel to add me on skype, or msn.
my skype: Pisti123451 msn:


I’m Akvile, from Lithuania. Maybe somebody can help me in english speaking. I can understand almost everything, but when I need to speak - then.
My skype akvile16.
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hello guys!
I’m Eduardo, from Brazil ,I’m learning english too and would like speaking with you all.
My Skype is : duvncr

I’m from Brazil , I study english and I’d like speak with someone.
Thanks !
Skype: davidsteve4

May i join a group conversation just as a listener ?? because it would be my first time to have a conversation in English and i think i would sound nervous with nothing to say if i tried so ! :slight_smile:

@Armia - You are more than welcome to sign up for a conversation and not speak and just listen if you want to. Just let your tutor know in the Skype chat box or before the conversation on their wall.

Thanks for helping =)

Hi. I m from Lithuania. I want to learn english. Who can to help me? Thanks
Skype - loretina2008

I am Felipe, from Brazil. I can help anyone trying to learn Brazilian Portuguese. I also speak English, German and a bit Spanish.

Skype: felipejdc

Hi : Im Nazar from sudan I would like to speak with someone

Skype : onazar191

hi, i’m from the philippines. i’m a beginner in russian language, and i can teach English. if anyone (specially russians) are interested to chat with regards to both languages, here’s my skype id: nightwisher07

hello my name’s Thuy
I’m from Vietnam, a beautiful country.
My english speaking skill isnt good
I want to improve it.
My skype ID: ngocthuy_nguyen