Conversation charging

I booked a conversation but I have the impression that I wasn’t charged for it. Not that I mind to have it for free! :o) But I just thought it might be some kind of bug.

By the way, the highlighted blue lines and the “Sign up” buttons still don’t resize correctly. But this happens only the first time when I press the “Speak” tab. Once I m there and I press “Next Week” all the rest pages appear correctly. It’s only the first page that has the problem. My browser is Mozilla Firefox but I haven’t update it with the latest version.

The same is for me.
I’ve just checked my points as soon as I’ve read ktm’s message.

It looks like a problem with all points transactions on the system. We are working on it. Thanks for letting us know.

The points issue should now be fixed. We have now deducted the points, sorry :-(. But we did so at a special “honesty” rate.

That’s fine! Thanks!

Thank’s very much Mark.

Hi. I have the opposite problem. I cancelled my attendance on the 10th but not getting any points back. The session was on the12th 9pm Japan time with Helen.