Contributing to the LingQ library

I’ve started to share three youtube courses here on LingQ (Russian, Swedish, Portuguese).

I’m writing this because I want to encourage people to start their own shared course(s) from youtube or somewhere else. Sometimes there is many content out there all over the place, so it would really help if all of us made our own imports public. I would recommend creating a course and then just import into it instead of doing it on “quick imports”. If everyone starts doing this fast little change, the LingQ libraries would be so much bigger and everyone would be benefited from it. (Communist anthem intensifies)

I would also like to thank SergeyFM for doing his courses in German, it really makes it easier to find youtube channels with subtitles that way.

The courses I made are:
Russian: Login - LingQ
Anmelden - LingQ
Anmelden - LingQ

I’m just getting started, so they aren’t as big as of now, but I’m planning on making them bigger.
(the new lessons that you import into the course are in private mode, so just change the status of all of the lessons every now and then.)

Do your course now! It doesn’t matter your level, you could import for the learners who are on the same level as you.