Contribute button

I like the info to be found under the new Contribute button (under Friends). V. informative.

I also like the reminder about the blue words in a lesson! [but I don’t like ‘anymore’]

`you are being a little cryptic Sanne. Can I ask what you mean?

“Anymore” is controversial. It looks like bad grammar, but actually it’s “evolving”.
“Any more” would be better, imo, but I don’t like the button at all. It slows me down and doesn’t work.

Clarification: It works, but the check box to shut it off, doesn’t work at least in FF.

I tend to agree that any more is better. We will make that change. As for the check box, we will make sure it is working across all browsers. Thanks for letting us know.

“Any more” is not only better, it is correct English.

We were just testing our learners to see who was alert and who was asleep at the switch. There are a few issues here which I am sure will be resolved shortly.

Please continue to be vigilant!

Like Vi7, I don’t like the new button inviting me to make all the blue words known. And I have experienced the same problem with Firefox: checking the “don’t show again” case doesn’t work.

The new button is simply the old button with a different name. We will eventually change the wording on the other “I know all” button into LingQed as well. It is important to our system that people click on this button and the wording “I Know all” is misleading.

The function of this new message will be made to work in Firefox.