Continuous Chest Compression. This may save someone's life

Here is a short video in English about a new technique for performing CPR. I think we should provide a transcript and put this as a lesson in the library. It may save a life.

Hi Steve,
Thank you for sharing this.Everybody has to see this short video!!!

Great video. Very useful.

Wow, this is an important video! (I’ll type up a transcript this afternoon, then upload it into the library.)

That’s great Yvette. Make sure to include the video too, as well as the sound and text. Thanks.

One consideration, if doing this procedure on strangers, you may want to find out what the “Good Samaritan” laws are in your area.

Here you are folks, courtesy of The University of Arizona College of Medicine and Steve Kaufmann of LingQ.

Thanks, Yvette! I’ve also shared a link to this on our Facebook page: Redirecting...

Coincidence that they use “Stayin’ Alive” as the example song for a 100 bpm?


Thanks! :wink:

You are all welcome! :slight_smile: