"Continue to next lesson" button not working

I click it and it doesn’t continue to the next lesson. Nothing happens. Not like it’s buffering and can’t load, but the button isn’t causing the page to do anything.

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Du hast Recht, der Knopf funktioniert nicht.

II have the same problem.

So do I

I’m finding inconsistent results with this button on the app (iphone / ipad). It works but most often the next lesson in a course is truncated - should be 2000 words but is often 1/10th of that. If I exit the lesson then reload it, the full lesson is back.

Thanks for reporting the issue. We will get it fixed asap!

I’ve been having the same problem. It started this morning.

Sorry about that. Should be fixed now.

That one works for me, but not the “Start new lesson” button.

@Car2017 - Good catch, thanks!

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