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Is there a setting to prevent newly-opened lessons from being automatically added to the Continue Studying shelf? The “add to Continue Studying” button on each lesson already performs this function and it’s a pain to have to go back to the Continue Studying shelf and remove lessons which I’ve browsed through but don’t interest me.

Alternatively is there a way to bookmark lessons which I do find interesting or useful or create a shelf which I can add them to?


I second that, both would be nice quality-of-life improvements.

I have asked for this time and time again, but to no avail so far.

I agree that it is extremely annoying for courses to be automatically added to the continue studying section. If you check out 10 courses and they turn out not to be of any interest to you, then you have to spend precious minutes deleting them one after another. And to top it all, you cannot do this via the app. Only via the Web browser.

Asking the user if they want to add the course to their continue studying section via a pop up would be the sensible thing to do. Believe me, I raised that point during the beta testing phase, but my pleas fell on deaf ears.


And this is also valid for the Active Playlist. It is good to have the possibility to opt for adding or removing a lesson from the audio Active Playlist.

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Not possible at the moment. I’ll forward this request to our team and we will see what we can do about it.


Hi there - I’m brand new to LingQ and this is extremely annoying, especially as once I’m done with a lesson I don’t want to see it again. Can you please add a setting to the global settings menu to opt-out of this behaviour. Thanks!