Continental Portuguese lessons

I am looking for someone who could make some lessons for me in Continental Portuguese. It should be conversational and use the vocabulary and expressions that are used by young kids (6 to 12 years old) today in Portugal. Ideally it should have a child as one of the persons in the conversations. I could be something you make up, or could even be a transcription from some TV program, or book, or whatever. But modern real Continental speech, not fairy tales, Brazilian, or technical or philisophical discussions.
I would even pay someone to do this, or would trade some sort of lessons, and, of course, the lessons created would be posted on the LingQ site.
I think the LingQ is excellent, but there is little of this sort of material.
If you are interested please contact me at

hi i´m Brazilian and i´m not a tutor but i can help u, if you want improve your portuguese,ok
i don´t know what you want,but we can talk in portuguese throught the skype